118.1 Part 1 Of Introducing Applied Integrated Philosophy As Opposed To Myriads Of Very Small Domain

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I am making an attempt to gain some momentum in regards to steering this society clear from this very frequently applied systems when it comes to understanding matters of life and its principal moving energies. Although we may subsequently need a deeper look in to this matter, I may well like to present to you some short statement beforehand. The working principle that we are dealing with now is a division of our whole lives, maybe even the universe as a whole if we could, down into countless variations of always tinier fractions, smaller subjects which nonetheless remain everlasting elements of the universe in its entirety.

This may particularly bring about the effect that folks that specialize in one or some of the more compact sub-divisions of sciences, are starting to discover that what is currently surrounding us with an ever smaller angle of vision and shall come about with ever more reasonings which look great just then and inside their chosen group of of specialists, but from the all natural standpoint, it will expose that their extremely restricted standpoint and very narrow minded theories are bad, and some could easily say that their theories are dangerously destructive to humankind predominantly and the balance of everything on the other hand.

One of the imminent phenomenons is widely renown as the: "Fallacy of Composition" which suggests that the end result, brought forward by restricted info only, when compared with full data supply, is usually inaccurate and if such findings occasionally are correct, it can be regarded a fluke. This usually leads to quite senseless and hazardous contest amongst the delegates of the most illiberal beliefs that are obtained by means of such myopia . As well this generates an inviting opportunity to present things having little value but plausibly defined when it comes to many of the people that often do not have a lot or any insight at all.

Routinely in politically correct times, which means in periods with exploited as well as publicly respected "hypocrisy," such discrepancies are producing mediocre compromises, which are going to upset nobody right away, yet often, most of us as time will pass. So far not one of the problems has been clearly named, let alone that many real or good resolutions are typically achieved. Undoubtedly the real dilemma lies not just in the specialization for all of our cultural structures into small sections of expertise or in the splitting up of objectives, events and/or topics into always tinier fields of expertise. One particular drawback has become for example that universal natural laws are quite regularly not really respected, now and again not even recognized and consequently not properly observed.

The experts and then their specialized expertise, are actually strangling every basic integrated system of nature by means of application of techniques, which often are typically and excessively affected through the "special interests" of only a handful and inspired by special groups of people, which are associated with a mixture of niches inside our social structures. Excellent would be to clear the path for the principles of the bigger system which is the universe of which we are a component, whether some of us accept this fact or not. A comparatively small total of specialists who really seem to be pushed in a more than healthy extent by way of their own EGOs, determines behaviors that will be taking place, and they are doing it with a nearly full risk that the entire system, the fundamental universal concept, in segments or as a whole, shall sooner or later disintegrate, at the very least some elements of it which will show to be significant for us.
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118.1 Part 1 Of Introducing Applied Integrated Philosophy As Opposed To Myriads Of Very Small Domain

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This article was published on 2011/04/10
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