Social Dictatorship: 80 Royal Families-1000 Rich Families Manipulate Social privilege in the World

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Eighty royal families in the world dominate social status and manipulate social privilege. They are the privilege elite and the rest of the people are nothing but ordinary citizens marginlized and made to look up at the upper elites. One thousand rich families in the world enjoy upper strata status privileges and reap the apple in its fullest sense.

The royal families and the rich family  elites, some descendants of maharajas and their likes in every society, represent the social eilte status privileged. In every society there are those parasite elites ho nourish on the body of the people like cancerous parasites. Such few elite parasites have acquired their social status either through riches and wealth or through hereditary means, such as monrachies, princedomes, sultanates.

Monrachies came to power and dominance through bloodshed and deprivation of their people of their natural resoucres of wealth. They all without any exception took power by force originally and made themselves monarchs , princes and sultans. They are the left overs of individual dominance of the ancient Egyptians: the Pharaohs, the Roman Emperors, the Persian Tsars, the Russian Tsars, the Arab Caliphs, the Japanese and Chinese Emperors, the India Maharajas. They were nothing but ordinary members of their people.

Riches and wealth which appertain to the people and the whole people were ripped off of the people and few warlords made themselves masters of lands and property and enslaved other humans as serfs, under feudalism. People, as serfs and slaves, were sold with the land. Human slavery which still exists has always been the national mark of every society. Under capitalism man exploits man and under socialism is the other way round.

Look at the Royal family in the British Isles,  established for hundreds of years through force and hereditary rule ( Queen Victoria has dominated British politics of the decadent British Empire at the turn of the 20thC). The so-called royal family, and there is nothing royal about it, their blood is just as normal as other blood of any other miserable human being, lives on the British tax payer, and their so called Commonwealth, the wealth of the people being monopolized by the colonizer British.

They live like parasites on the society beacuse the British people bow down unto the royal family. The British themselves are responsible for such a humiliation and dehumization of humans of their values and their worth and bestowing it on individuals like everybody else.

Social status and privilege are often associated and go hand in hand with wealth and riches ( the Rothschild family, the Rockfelleres), sometimes, if not often, it is associated with power and politicla dominance ( Victoria, Shah of Iran, Tsars of russia, Berlusconi, Bush father and son, Sultan of Brunei, the Saudi kings, the Arab Emirs, Bin Ali, Kaddafi)

It is when man forsakes his own dignity and his own value a s a human being that he bows down to other humans and make them idols for esteem and worship. Nothing is more degrading and value berefting than to bow down to humans and make of them idols. Personality cult has dominated peoples' lives. Look at the emperors of Japan, China, replaced by chairmen of the socialist party but coming down to the same thing. Mao has replaced the Emperor of China, Khomeini and Khamenei have replaced the Shah of Iran, Stalin and Putin have replaced the Russian Tsar, Nasser and Mubarak the Pharaoh of Egypt. 

The fashion now is presidents and leaders, but the same old phenomenon is repeated and infinitly so. In every society the one-man-rule dominates the political scene. Individuals who have replaced kings, emperors and tsars still dominate their peoples. The irony is more tragic for these acquire  their legitimacy trhough elections. Elections are not but human rat-race systems where all coups are allowed and the means justify very well the ends.

The struggle between the dominant and dominated is as old as history. But such a struggle and strife is limited between elites, the very few power dictators, wealth monopolizers and privilege manipulaters on the one hand and the bulk of the people on the other. It is not calss conflict, nor is it class struggle nor is it a class dialectics but it is simply a conflict between elites, the very dominant few and the rest of the people.

In most cases, in most societies, if not all societies, the very few elite dominate and control the rest of the people, be it few tens of thousands, as in Liechtenstein, Monaco and Brunei, the Arab Emirate, Bahrain, or be it over billion of human population as in India, China, Indonesia, Russia and the USA.

The rise and dominance of such few elites in world societies comes to reality if God is forgotten and is forsaken for the human jungle law. While humans make of them selves gods and make their people bow down to them then it is the fault of the people and not the parasite that lives on the body of the host. 

What is even more nausea emitting is that the name of God is even used to acquire human legitimacy to absolute rule and dominance. Examples are evident in all monrachies and princedoms. The divine right of kings is a perfect example of such mal-use and mis exploitation. Anything for power, anything for money, anything for social status and social privilege. 

It is when humans consider God as the only authority and only one worthy of worship and service humans become equal with equal value and equal rights, and such parasites in every society will be  uprooted. 

What is the human difference between the Queen of England and the untouchable woman living in the slums of Bombay! Nothing, but the difference lies with respect to belief and obedience to God and not to man. If the Former does not believe in God or worship other gods then her end will be in Hell Fire to abide therein forever, irrespective of her origin of Buckingham Palace as the Queen of England, while the latter, should she believe in God and worhsip Him only, then her abode will be in Paradise, regardless her origin as an untouchable coming the slums of Bombey! 

It is when people believe in God and then they become equl, on eual footing and enjoy the same social status, the same rights in their national wealth and share equally in the decision making of their own destiny. It is there and then that such parasites are shaken off of the body of the people's host and people become free and social justice will be established.

Such parasites must be destroyed by hook or crook and the only way to do it is when people become conscious of such human and presonality'cult worship and have enough to be inhumans, take God only for worship and establish equality through direct democracy where the will of God and then the people be applied.

Read more about such subjects in the 'Journal of Direct Democracy and God'. 

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Social Dictatorship: 80 Royal Families-1000 Rich Families Manipulate Social privilege in the World

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This article was published on 2012/03/26
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